The United States has Decided to send Fighter Jets to Afghanistan for the Safe Withdrawal of its Troops

The United States is sending a new consignment of bombers and fighter jets from Afghanistan to safely repatriate US and NATO forces.

According to the International News Agency, Pentagon Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley said in a press conference that six B-52 bombers and a dozen F-18 fighter jets were deployed to protect the troops leaving Afghanistan have been ordered to be dispatched.

Mark Milley added that the consignment of bombers and fighter jets would be deployed by President Joe Biden’s order until September 11 to protect US troops and foreign contractors during the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.

Asked about the Taliban’s escalation in attacks on the Afghan army and the country’s future, the Pentagon joint chairman said the US military could train Afghan forces in another country, with additional support for the Afghan air force. Is also being considered.

The decision to send more aircraft to the US came after the Taliban warned that they would now abide by the agreement after the US extended the withdrawal date until September 11 instead of May 1

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