Redressal of Passenger Complaints Against the Saudi Airline

Saudi Civil Aviation says that in the last month of May 2024, 1318 complaints have been registered by air passengers. The lowest number of complaints was from AL-Saadia, with a ratio of 10 out of 100,000 passengers. Grievances were redressed.

Aviation further said that Dammam’s King Fahd Airport was the most prominent in terms of services available at Kaj Airports. The complaint rate here was 0.3% out of 100,000 passengers.

At Prince Sultan International Airport, the complaint rate was also 0.4 percent. The annual number of passengers traveling from here is less than 6 million.

Among domestic airports, Najran Airport fared better in terms of services. Out of one lakh passengers, only two passengers registered complaints which were resolved immediately.

It should be noted that for the convenience of passengers, civil aviation has a toll-free number 1929 on a 24-hour basis, while there is also a WhatsApp channel on which complaints regarding the services provided at airports can be registered. .

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